Contractor Compliance between Business Entities and Contingent Workers

Better workflow between Businesses & Contingent Workers.

Enhancing and simplifying relationships between businesses and independent contractors

Small Business

Perfect for Small Businesses that need help maintaing compliance with workforce regulations.

Great for Independent Contractors that want to get started providing their services to a small business.

Simple Invoicing & Fast Payment

Invoices are created with just a few clicks and paid electronically in 1 to 2 business days.

File add
Document Management & Storage

Important documents can be electronically signed and securely stored online for easy access.

Independent Contractor Verification

The automated verification process builds trust between businesses and independent contractors.

Operational Buffer

Businesses and Independent Contractors can maintain operational separation and better promote compliance with workforce regulations.

Mission Statement leverages technology to improve the relationship between business entities and independent contractors. Our goal is to assist both parties in better adhering to mandated levels of compliance, while simplifying their daily tasks. Our online software technologies will continuously evolve to help meet the needs of the ever changing and rapidly growing contingent workforce industry. We strive for the Portal to be the best tool for the job.

- The CWM Portal Team

Mission Statement